Commercial Programs and for Product launchings

Auditorium with Dining Hall: Rs.4,00,000/- +

  1. If the Auditorium is booked on weekends(all Saturdays&Sundays) & public holidays, the rent would be Rs.4.00 lakhs.
    (Refundable Deposit is Rs. 2.00 lakhs, which would be refunded deducting the damages if any caused).
  2. If the auditorium is booked on weekdays, the rent would be Rs. 3.00 lakhs.
    (Refundable Deposit is Rs. 2.00 lakhs, which would be refunded deducting the damages if any caused).


  • Service Tax extra.
  • Tariff charges is for 12 Hrs only
  • Power charges extra as per actual consumption
    (The hiring party can take a note of the Meter reading and credit the charges)


  1. Payment shall be made Online through Shilpakalavedika online portal. Only on full payment of the tariff, the booking of the Auditorium will get confirmed.
  2. The cancellation charges of booking are as indicated below.
    1. Cancellation if made prior to30 days from the date of event / function - 25%.
    2. Cancellation if made 29 days to 15 days prior to the date of event / function - 50%.
    3. Cancellation if made 14 days to two days prior to the date of event / function - 75%.
    4. Cancellation cannot be done within 2 days from the date of event / function. The entire amount will be forfeited. Deposits will however be refunded totally.
  3. Refundable deposit is to be paid two days before the event either by cash/DD/. It will be refunded on the next day deducting the power charges and damages caused if any.
  4. The agenda of the event should be handed over to the management of Shilpakalavedika before two days of the event.
  5. The stage arrangements plan / decoration plan/ advertisement plan of the event should be as per the specifications and Rules of the Shilpakalavedika auditorium.
  6. The Party is responsible for taking the required permissions like POLICE/PPL/IPRS and NOC from Entertainment tax and any other permissions required under the existing statutes of the State Government and submit two days prior to the event.
  7. Political and Religious Meetings / Functions are not permitted in the Premises and no banners of Political and Religious messages / Issues / Images are allowed.
  8. The Shilpakalavedika management reserves the right to cancel the Booking/ Commencement of the program and forfeit the total venue charges in case of non-compliance or failure of the above rules / instructions.
  9. The following seats are reserved for the management of Shilpakalavedika. If they are not used by the management, they can be used by the party with prior consent of the management.
    1. Row 'A' (Front Row) - 5 Passes in the Center
    2. Row 'B' (2nd Row) - 5 Passes
    3. Row 'C' (3nd Row) - 10 Passes
    4. Row ' D' (4th Row) - 10 Passes
  10. The staff members of Management, Maintenance & Security of the auditorium shall have the right to inspect/ advise /restrict or stop at any time, any type of activities being carried on by the party in detriment of the terms and conditions.
  11. No Heavy equipment is allowed on the stage.
  12. No eatables or drinks are allowed inside the main Auditorium, Stage and Green Rooms.
  13. Diesel Generator is provided for existing lighting & Air conditioning system only. For any extra sound & Lighting, the Organising party to make its own arrangement with prior approval of the management.
  14. Smoking & Spitting is strictly prohibited in the premises .
  15. Any type of Water/Fire related works/Performances are not allowed inside or outside the auditorium.
  16. Pasting or sticking of Posters, Banners or any Advertisement material will NOT be allowed. One banner at the main gate and one at gate 2 (VIP Gate) and at the side railings at the entrance main door will be allowed. Excepting the above, no display objects shall be allowed in the premises, pathways, either near the main entrance or inside the foyers of the stage of the auditorium. No POP-advertising material will be allowed.
  17. The party will not be allowed to handle the auditorium property or fixtures without the consent of the Management. The party, hiring the auditorium shall be responsible for any losses/damages of the auditorium. The Management shall NOT be responsible for any losses/damages or any theft of their property kept in the auditorium premises by the Party.
  18. NO additions/alteration/erections or nailings on the walls will be allowed.
  19. The Management reserves the right to bar the entry of any persons(s) or materials within the premises of the auditorium foyers or green rooms etc., if considered undesirable in the public interest.
  20. The hirer should not issue Invitations /entry passes or tickets as the case may be for the function in excess of the seating capacity (2000). Overcrowding of the Auditorium attracts penalty and forfeiture of the entire refundable deposit.
  21. Backdrop and banners should be self supported and using carpet on the stage is mandatory wherever required. Plaster of Paris (POP) works will not be allowed on the stage or in the auditorium. No hangings are allowed.
  22. The Venue Tariff per day means "12 hours slot only, including setup & clearance".
  23. Paper blasting, cool fire is not allowed inside the auditorium. Gas balloons are not allowed inside the Auditorium.
  24. Dancing with stick, Tap dancing, Naked fire are prohibited on the stage.
  25. Tent house material like tables, chairs, carpets will not be provided by Shilpakalavedika Management. It is for the party to hire from the panel of vendors approved by the management.
  26. Generator has to be used only for auditorium in built sound and lighting only. The party should arrange a separate DG set for any extra sound and lighting equipments.